Our Story

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself.

My name is Megan Stine and I am the founder and owner of The Moonlit Shell. Since I was a little girl, I have loved all things beach and ocean, but I have taken a special liking to seashells. I have also always been enchanted by our moon. Surprisingly enough, these two things are actually related to each other. The shells we find on beaches have been washed ashore by the changing ocean tides.  These tides are controlled and in sync with the moon’s gravitational pull.

This is the inspiration for the name "The Moonlit Shell". (I love when things come full circle like this.)  

I am from the eastern shore of Maryland.  The local shells are often imperfect. Ever since I can remember, I would find shells with holes in them and string them on my necklaces. I thought they were so beautiful. In 2019, I went to Costa Rica. I was captivated by the shells (more than the surfing and exploring). The shells were so colorful and plentiful. I spent hour after hour, day after day, collecting these unique shells. I was so excited to get crafty and see what I could make with them when I got back home. I have always been creative and nimble with my hands. Little did I know, that making all those childhood friendship bracelets and shell charms, had been preparing me for this my whole life.  

It wasn't until last year when the corona virus hit, that I had more time to see what I could do. I began doing some simple wire wrap rings and wrapping shells. Soon enough I realized I had found something I enjoyed, that I was good at, and had business potential! The dots started connecting. Not only in the physical realm in terms of learning skills and building a business, but also in the personal realm of connecting thoughts and meanings... Megan means "pearl" and my middle name, Terese, means "harvester".  I am and have been called to be, by nature, a pearl harvester.  Pearls are supposedly symbolic of wisdom gained through experience, and that is just what I hope to gain on this adventure!

This business is inspiring me to pursue a life that is simple, yet adventurous and full of passion. I hope to be able travel the world, creating beautiful, one of a kind pieces for people to enjoy.